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re: Warlords Rules and Raiding Expectations


As long as I've been around, Denial leadership has done its best to make this guild the best of several worlds. 

Along with aiming to foster an inclusive family and friends atmosphere, we take our raiding seriously. And the results speak for themselves. One way or another, at least since Wrath of the Lich King, we've consistently maintained successful raid groups. For several expansions, at the very least, we've cleared normal-mode content on time. At our best, we've pushed deep into heroics, as we did last expansion, going 8-for-14 in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar.

It speaks to the talent and dedication of our players that we've done that, almost exclusively, on six -- and at times fewer -- hours per week in the current instance. Denial raiders may not have the time or inclination to sacrifice 16 hours a week, as many successful raiding guilds do, but we've kept pace with a surprising number of them on far less. 

And, as we prepare to tackle a new challenge in Highmaul, I'd like to point out a few of the qualities we'll need from each of our raiders if that success is to continue. Consider the points I make here expectations of everyone we bring to raid.

1 -- Be a Good Teammate

It sounds simple, like something that should go without saying. But contrary to popular belief, it takes effort. And we'll expect every one of our raiders to put forth that effort.

First, that means maintaining a positive attitude. All of us will have bad days at work or other real-life hardships that affect our moods. And while I realize it's not possible all the time -- I've been guilty, of course, of breaking this rule myself -- try not to let it bleed over into the attitude you bring to raid. Be positive. We have the talent to succeed, and we need to remember that. Raiding isn't always easy, and it's a certainty -- not a possibility -- that we'll face frustration. Positivity is the best, most-direct course to success. When we encounter hardship, please remind yourself of that.

Being a good teammate also means being helpful. If you identify something that could help our team get past a hurdle, bring it to an officer. While we'll do our best, we won't have all the answers all the time. Maybe there's a talent someone could use to make our lives easier, or perhaps there's a positioning strategy that would solve some of our issues. With all the talent and experience we have collectively, good ideas will have many parents. If you have one, don't be afraid to tell an officer. 

That said, we'll make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time. Every idea won't necessarily be right for our current group or circumstance. Therefore, I urge you to avoid being frustrated if your particular idea isn't deployed in a given situation. I don't want that to keep anyone from feeling he or she can contribute.

2 -- Avoid Calling People Out Publicly

This is a big one. Even if you're trying to be helpful, singling someone out can have the opposite affect. Allowing contentiousness and frustration to bubble over into Mumble, raid chat or guild chat often only breeds more frustration -- including from folks who aren't even involved in the matter at hand. It really is contagious. Don't let this happen. If someone needs to step up his or her game or is fumbling a key mechanic routinely, whisper an officer. We're here to handle these situations. By letting us know, you allow matters to be handled delicately and discretely. Obviously, if we want to succeed, we need everyone to reach a certain level of aptitude. Certain issues need to be addressed, and they will be. But don't do it in a manner that may well backfire. 

3 -- Be On Time and Ready to Raid

It won't be possible all the time, but do your best to be ready to pull at the time raid is scheduled to start. That means you're in the raid group, at or in the instance and equipped with all the gems, enchants and other things you might need for the night. Everyone forgets something from time to time, and everyone's going to be late here and there. We understand that. But generally being online at least 10 to 15 minutes before raid helps ensure you aren't holding up the rest of the group. We only have two raids nights per week, and we need to make the most of them. Making the first pull at the scheduled start time is imperative. This coincides with my next point.

4 -- Please Mark the Calendar

Our scheduled raids will show up on your calendar. In the past, people have been loose about responding, meaning we don't know who we might or might not have available on a given night. That makes planning near impossible in certain instances. Please make sure you've let us know whether or not you'll be attending a raid. If something comes up, we ask that you either amend your calendar response or otherwise let someone know -- in game, on the forums or by text or phone call. 

5 -- Know Your Class and Role

Make sure you're the best at your role you can be -- whether it's tank, DPS or healer. Everyone needs to pull his or her weight, and you may have to do some research to make that happen. That can include reading online guides or getting some coaching from a knowledgeable guild mate. If you don't know how to proceed, ask an officer.

You should strive to know and take advantage of your full toolkit. Try to be one of the people who carries, not one of those who is carried. In progression raiding, there's only so many allowances we can make for those people unwilling to put in the time. Some players are just better than others, but if you're putting forth the effort, you'll be fine. If it becomes a recurring problem, however, the officers will be forced to act. We can't allow individuals not making the effort to ruin the raiding experience for those who are.

6 -- Make Denial Your Priority

We assume that by accepting a regular raid spot with our group -- meaning you're ranked Adjunct Raider or higher -- you're making Denial your first priority when it comes to raiding. That means your main should be the one you're bringing to our raid every week and that you aren't giving priority to another guild or other in-game distractions. We understand our raiders might have alts in other guilds. That in itself is not a problem. But if that means you're prioritizing other in-game endeavors over your obligation to our raid team, you should know that the officers will find that unacceptable, and it may result in forfeiture of your raid spot with us. Any conflicts outlined herein should be explained to an officer as soon as possible. If you can't comply with this rule, we won't hold it against you personally. But it is your responsibility to notify us of any conflicts, and we can't allow those conflicts to hold back our team.

7 -- Be Generous With Loot

Our loot policy has been, and will remain, two main-spec items per player per night. Once you have two main spec items on a given night, you won't be eligible any longer to roll for main spec. However, you will still be able to roll on off-spec loot -- gear that no one else needed for main spec. 

Typically, we've allowed anyone who comes to raid to roll based on our standard loot policy. Because problems have arisen in the past, anyone not ranked Adjunct Raider or higher will NOT be eligible to roll main spec for weapons, trinkets or tier gear. If the piece goes to off-spec, it becomes fair game. Outside of weapons, trinkets and tier pieces, the normal two pieces per night rule applies to everyone across the board, regardless of rank.

Everyone needs gear. You aren't alone. The rules are the rules. But we also ask that you consider others when deciding whether or not to roll on a piece of gear. For example, if you know that a piece of loot will be a small upgrade to you but a large upgrade to someone else, we ask that you consider passing on that piece. If you've had great luck lately or have significantly more gear than others, we ask that you consider deferring to the less fortunate. It never hurts to ask out loud in Mumble or in guild chat to make sure there's nobody else who sorely needs that piece before you decide to roll. The more gear we get collectively, the better our raid team will do. And generosity breeds generosity. If you pass on a  piece for someone in need, you'll likely find that person going out of his or her way down the road to help you. 

As an addendum, keep Mumble clear while the lootmaster is distributing loot and be attentive so that loot can be distributed as efficiently as possible. This not only helps the lootmaster, but it gets us on to other bosses, where you'll have another shot at loot and glory. Said concisely, keep quiet and pay attention during loot distribution.

8 -- Don't Be Reluctant to Bring a Problem to an Officer

If any issues arise -- personal or otherwise -- please bring them confidentially to an officer. We won't be able to resolve all differences, but officers cannot make the effort to solve them if we're unaware. Bringing your issue to an officer, who may have the ability to fix it, is better for everyone involved than allowing it to fester and fuel a subsequent meltdown.

9 -- Get On the Forum

The forum isn't everyone's favorite place. I've accepted that. But it can be a great resource. Many of our strategies -- and strategy discussions -- will be posted here. You can brush up on fights before we see them to make sure you're prepared, or you can weigh in with ideas of your own. Both of those things are hugely beneficial. 

In our guild info is a code you can use to bypass the application process. Please use it. If you're still having trouble getting on the forum, an officer can help.

10 -- Put on Your Game Face

We're all here to have fun, and, when we're succeeding, raiding will be fun. To that end, we ask that you minimize off-topic discussions and distracting behavior like posting links in Mumble chat or joking around. Some amount of that is fine. We're not a world-first team. But if it becomes a distraction, an officer may ask that you stop. Stay focused, and bosses will die. 

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re: Warlords Rules and Raiding Expectations


Question: given the flexible nature of all raids except for Mythic, will the raid team be preset in the guild (that is, invite by character only) or will it be open sign-up? If the latter, how will the cuts be done for a night when there are too many DPSers and not enough healers for the number of players? By rank?

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re: Warlords Rules and Raiding Expectations


lucky we have couple of DPSer that also have a heal set and don't mind switching; and as of right now semi opening the raid invites up to who ever in guild that has the requirements, if they make it to raid every week then they should be given higher priority over someone that hardly show up or doesn't put in the work but at same time we are casual but yes if u are a "raider" then you would come over a friend rank if we was at max of something.

I hope that helps clear it up; Erd will not be here tonight for our first raid, and I will try to go over the new changes best I can. He will be here next Tuesday and will go over them also


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re: Warlords Rules and Raiding Expectations


Well said.  These are reasons I find Denial a superior guild for people who have lives.

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